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June 2021 - Present
3Doodler Start &
3Doodler Start+
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Building a brand for the world's first kid-safe 3D printing pen, designed for children aged 6-13.

The challenge was to design a brand for a kid-safe 3D printing pen, positioning it not just as a toy but as an aspirational product that boosts children's creative confidence by bringing their projects to life.

Kid Safe Doodle Philosophy

With fast cooling kid-safe easy to touch plastic, we put play at your fingertips. With this new play pattern it allowed kids to mold and shape the extruded plastic before it hardened. Allowing more experimentation and freedom in a child’s creative process.

With this added versatility in the 3Doodler Start, we wanted to create a brand and campaign around the multiple ways a child can make, from drawing their plans, using stencils, and assembling to drawing freehand, as showcased in the video below.
Easy as 1, 2, 3D
In process shots
Using stencils to assemble
Using your hands to shape
We conceptualized, cast, and shot a TVC that told the story of how a diverse group of children can use the 3Doodler to create what they want, in the way they want. We showcased aspiring fashion designers who doodled a ring directly onto their finger, future engineers building and assembling the Eiffel Tower, and even the wild child whose imagination creates a “Robo-Dino-Fire-Breathing-Laser-Cat.”

The message began with the video but continued through different touchpoints of the customer’s journey from retail in-store experience such as COSTCO, online e-commerce experience, and unboxing and using the product itself as an experience.

We designed eye catching packaging, shown above, usually sitting on a shelf in the toy aisle, that caught the attention of curious stem focused shoppers. A window cut out showcased how small and ergonomic the pen is. Rich visuals showcased how to use the product, learning values, and the versatility of the creations limited only by your child's imagination.

Bringing projects to life

Now that the the pen in your hands, next step was to get you to create quickly. We designed a bilingual in-depth activity guide, featuring a quick how-to, tips and tricks, and tonnes of projects and stencils to get you started. Whether your child is into arts & crafts, science, math, or building & tinkering, we have projects that will capture their attention & get them creating!

Unified brand touchpoints

We produced high quality rich assets ready to be used by the team and our partners, giving them full control to launch full campaigns, such as product launches, holiday deals, or digital ads via social, AV, and Amazon brand pages.

Extending Product Experience for Educators

In 2019, we collaborated Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls, where kids could Powerpuff themselves in 3D using the 3Doodler Start. We also collaborated with HEXBUG, a key player in the toy market.

Cost cutting and sustainability efforts

The work never stops. We're constantly reviewing and iterating our product offering, finding new ways to reduce cost and using sustainable materials.


The 3Doodler Start+ has received positive feedback from our users. We are currently sitting at a solid 4.4-star rating on Amazon with a plethora of positive feedback through multiple social channels and awards.

Here is some positive feedback from the campaigns and design led directions mentioned above.