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3DBuild & Play

June 2020 - July 2021
3D Build & Play
Brand Design
Packaging and Experience
Illustration/Mascot Design
Campaign Execution

Introducing fundamental 3D thinking to children aged 4 and older through storytelling and 3D printing.

Through competitor analysis and market research targeting children aged 4 and up and their parents for 3D Build and Play, we identified three key components to be emphasized in the brand design: ease of use, the integration of storytelling devices to enrich the play experience, and the enhancement of fine motor skills while fostering 3D thinking.

A good story

Nothing grabs your attention like a good story. With five illustrated, exciting characters, we take the child on a magical journey while teaching them the fundamentals of creating in 3D.

Every time

To ensure the child has a positive experience every time, we created easy-to-use mold trays. A child can fill in the grooves and simply pop out perfectly shaped characters for instant play, every time.

New stories to tell

To encourage repeat play, we've created a series of foldable backdrops to serve as inspiration points for each child, allowing them to embark on their own imaginative storytelling journey.

Everything you need

The 3D Build and Play comes packaged with everything your child needs to get started right out of the box. It guides the child through 3D creation, storytelling, and concludes the experience by encouraging them to create their own characters and stories.


The 3D Build and Play has received positive feedback from our users. We currently maintain a strong 3.9-star rating on Amazon, accompanied by a plethora of positive feedback across various social channels. Here is some positive feedback resulting from the campaigns and design-led directions mentioned above.