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June 2021 - Present
3Doodler Start &
3Doodler Start+
Brand Design
Creative Strategy
Packaging and Experience
TVC Storyboarding and Production
Campaign Execution

Building a brand for the world's first kid-safe 3D printing pen, designed for children aged 6-13.

The challenge was to design a brand for a kid-safe 3D printing pen, positioning it not only as a toy but also as an aspirational product that enhances children's creative confidence by bringing their projects to life. I led the brand's design efforts to appeal to both parents and children, guiding designers to success and overseeing the delivery of large-scale, end-to-end products that significantly improve the experience for hundreds of millions of customers. Additionally, I storyboarded, cast, and produced a video to showcase the extensive capabilities of the 3Doodler Start+.


The 3Doodler Start+ has received positive feedback from our users. We are currently sitting at a solid 4.4-star rating on Amazon with a plethora of positive feedback through multiple social channels and awards.

Here is some positive feedback from the campaigns and design led directions mentioned above.