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September 2017 - Present
3Doodler PRO+
Brand Design
Creative Strategy
Packaging and Experience
TVC Storyboarding and Production
Web Design + UX
Campaign Execution

Creating a 3D pen brand tailored for professional tinkerers and prototypers.

Recognizing the gap in the market, 3Doodler prototyped a 3D pen packed with features catering to our professional audience's every need. We aimed to create a brand that focused on this elevated product offering.

Doodle Philosophy

After creating a professional feature packed 3D pen we needed to create a brand that spoke to the creative professionals. An identity that draws parallels in their workflow and aesthetics.
A more polished approach
Quick concept prototyping
Scaled modeling
New material finishes
We wanted to distill these unique key points into a promotional video, not only conveying how it is an upgrade from the lower-priced product offerings but also how it is an evolution from its predecessor.
Storyboard concept for promotional video

Elevated Design

Taking inspiration from blueprints and prototype sketches, we created a visual identity that spoke to the professional makers. Blending it with upscale aesthetics to match the feature packed value they were getting with the 3Doodler PRO+.

Thinking outside and inside the box

We wanted to create an outstanding impression on our PRO customers by elevating our packaging experience to new heights. The goal was to develop a surprise-and-delight moment for the customer as they opened up the box to find more detailed info waiting for them. We encased the 3Doodler PRO+ pen and the accessories in a thick paperboard box wrapped in premium faux leather. Opening the magnetic lid, the customer is treated with a high-quality felt blister holding everything they need.