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3Doodler Create+ in action
September 2017 - Present
3Doodler Create+
Brand Design
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Campaign Execution

The 3Doodler brand needed a refresh to build upon its humble Kickstarter beginnings and solidify its position as the go-to 3D pen for everyone.

With two successful Kickstarter campaigns under our belt, we faced the challenge of refreshing the brand, building upon our humble beginnings. Through testing and research, we developed a brand that focuses on transforming regular 3D pen usage into a ritual.
Led the visual direction and worked with external production vendors for the new campaign featuring simple creations.

Doodle Philosophy

Doodling fully detailed replicas of the Sagrada Familia or epic fantasy creatures is impressive, but it alienated our target market. We needed to shift away from the 'that's beautiful, but I'm not artistic' mindset to an 'I can do that' attitude. The new visual brand needed to go back to basics, embracing simple creativity.
Going back to basics
The visual philosophy of simple creations became the cornerstone of every key touchpoint for the 3Doodler brand, including packaging, TV ads, website, app, and social media presence.
In process shots
Doodles that look like… Doodles!
Clearly visible Doodle lines

Have an
out of the box

With a strong brand, we focused on customer experience, whether in-store or online, and continued that journey through unboxing at home. We aimed to swiftly transition from what it does to how quickly customers can do it, addressing and eliminating pain points one by one.

Pick up & Play

Beautifully designed, rigid, high-quality packaging not only needed to justify the product's value but also demonstrate how easy it is to create. Creatively highlighting contents, the value of materials, customer service promises, how it works, and the variety of things you can make with it made it enticing.

Speeding up the learning curve

Opening the magnetic packaging lid, you're greeted with a quick start guide, enabling you to quickly plug and play. For those more patient, we've crafted the 'Ultimate Guide to Doodling,' which takes you through the world of 3D pens with inspiration, quick tips, troubleshooting, and projects to kickstart your creativity. And if you ever get stuck, our customer service is always ready to assist.


The new look required a new site, redesigned from the ground up with a cleaner architecture, guiding creators to the resources or projects they're looking for quickly and easily, and making the purchasing decision easier for shoppers.
Sketches for revising customer journey and shopper experience

Doodle everywhere

The journey further extends to mobile. Collaborating with external creative partners, we developed a multi-media app solution that brings our most popular projects to life with step-by-step guides and upsell opportunities through a dedicated app, further extending the campaign across the 3Doodler ecosystem.
We needed to tailor the journeys for both creators and shoppers. A shopper may be a new or returning customer seeking information about our product offerings and making purchases. A creator, on the other hand, is looking for inspiration and is directed to our vivid blog, where they can get started with 'hot tips' and access hundreds of tutorials, lesson plans, and stencils.
High fidelity mock ups for shopping experience and key content hubs

Unified brand touchpoints

High-quality, rich assets ready to be used by the team and our partners, giving them full control to launch comprehensive campaigns, including product launches, holiday deals, and digital ads via social media, AV, and Amazon brand pages.

Extending Product Experience for Educators

Working with the design team in New York, we created a customized modular offering for teachers and students to ensure the best classroom experience.

Cost cutting and sustainability efforts

The work never stops. We're constantly reviewing and iterating on our product offering, finding new ways to reduce costs and incorporating sustainable materials.


Good design has proven successful for our most popular adult 3D pen offering, boosting it from a measly 3-star rating in the previous iteration to a strong 4.3-star rating on Amazon right now.
High level stats since website redesign in 2018(?)